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Designing websites and ranking local businesses in Hawaii isn’t just our job; it’s a mission backed by an obsessive need to see every local Hawaii business owner dominate the digital space.

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We treat your local Hawaii business with the same dedication as our own.

Ali Zandi: Founder of Hawaii Web Design - Lead SEO & Web Designer

Ali Zandi


Ali Zandi’s professional tapestry is rich and diverse. From orchestrating symphonies of sound as an audio engineer for giants like Microsoft, SEGA, and 343 Industries, to a foray into the world of blockchain as the VP of Product for a video game company.

With over two decades dedicated to SEO and WordPress web design, Zandi’s digital prowess is unparalleled. It’s not just about his ability to consistently outrank industry stalwarts like GoDaddy; it’s also about the recognition he’s garnered from them, as highlighted by a feature article penned by GoDaddy itself.

Though nestled in Hawaii’s tranquil embrace, Zandi’s influence radiates globally. His domain accolades include masterstrokes like the sales of Freedom.com at $2M, Future.com for $1M, and Sneakers.com at a remarkable $1.75M.

Yet, Zandi is more than just his professional achievements. At home, he’s the proud father of five and a devoted husband, anchoring his family with love and dedication. And, of course, there’s the beard — his crowning glory, a majestic symbol of his commanding presence, and possibly a keeper of a few industry secrets. Zandi’s journey isn’t just a series of accomplishments; it’s a testament to resilience, versatility, and unyielding passion.


Amplify your local Hawaii business rankings with our tailored solutions.

Hawaii Web Design: Web Design & Local Business SEO Agency


20+ Years of Experience

With over two decades in the game, our seasoned expertise in digital landscapes is unparalleled. Every step, informed by a rich history, drives local businesses to online success.


Self Made Design Agency

As a self-made agency, we’ve skillfully garnered over $30M in sales. Drawing from our success, we’re poised to guide other local business owners on the same lucrative journey to digital triumph.


Award Winning Founder

Our founder, celebrated with accolades such as ‘Investor of the Year’ to ‘Domain Masters’, brings a legacy of recognition and excellence, steering clients towards unparalleled digital prominence.

For over two decades we’ve honed in our web design & SEO strategies.


A multi-tiered approach to ensuring your local Hawaii business succeeds.

Hawaii Web Design Game Development Studio Web Design & SEO Example


Framework & Design

Begin with solid ground: select top-notch hosting, leverage optimized frameworks, and employ designs that convert.


On & Off Page Optimization

Perfect your site’s inner workings and its external relations. Harness on-page elements and nurture quality backlinks for optimal results.


Citations & Authority

Ensure your business is consistently listed and recognized. Build credibility with trusted citations and elevate your industry authority.


Scaling & Management

Grow your business effectively. Use metrics-driven strategies to scale, while expertly managing resources for lasting success.


We know exactly what every type of local Hawaii business needs to thrive.

Hawaii Web Design Law Firm Web Design & Local Business SEO Example


From vehicle transporters to tour operators and beyond, we grasp the varied digital demands, ensuring every business, be it a law firm or automotive service, shines online.

Hawaii Web Design Service Web Design & Local Business SEO Example


Covering architects to DJs and countless in between, we illuminate varied services, making every craft, from roofing to plumbing, distinctively visible.

Hawaii Web Design Beauty & Fashion Web Design & Local Business SEO Example

Beauty & Fashion

From spas to makeup artistry and all the styles in between, we spotlight the vast world of beauty and fashion, captivating and drawing in admirers.

Hawaii Web Design Community Web Design & Local Business SEO Example


From education to life coaching and the many voices between, we amplify a broad spectrum of community endeavors, echoing their distinct missions.

Hawaii Web Design Finance Web Design & Local Business SEO Example


Spanning from accounting to insurance and more, we tailor strategies to elevate a range of financial expertise, positioning leaders in the fiscal arena.

Hawaii Web Design Restaurant Web Design & Local Business SEO Example


Whether it’s an artisan cafe, winery, or something yet to be savored, we accentuate the diverse culinary domain, enticing patrons before their first visit.

Hawaii Web Design Healthcare & Wellness Web Design & Local Business SEO Example

Healthcare & Wellness

Catering to doctors, fitness gurus, and the myriad of health professionals in between, we ensure every wellness message deeply resonates.

Hawaii Web Design Property Management Web Design & Local Business SEO Example

Property Management

In the expansive realm of real estate, construction, and more, we solidify diverse digital foundations, making every property vision come to life online.


A showcase of our comprehensive web design expertise with Hawaiians.com.

Hawaiians Travel Website Case Study by Hawaii Web Design


In-depth Research & Strategic Design

Diving deep into competitive analysis, we identified a need for a sleeker, more intuitive user experience. Our choice? The robust Kadence framework combined with the versatility of WordPress. The result? A website that stands out in both form and function.


Seamless Integrations & Lightning Speed

Hawaiians.com isn’t just a pretty face. Beneath its surface, it’s a powerhouse of integrations, from Analytics and FareHarbor to AdSense and cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Despite the intricate web of features and thousands of media files, we’ve achieved a staggering load time of just 300ms. That’s a blink of an eye.


Comprehensive SEO Mastery

With a vast expanse of over 800+ pages, the challenge was real. Yet, we meticulously optimized each page, article, and media file, ensuring they not only met but exceeded industry standards. The outcome? A website primed for top-tier search engine performance.


End-to-End Digital Management

Our commitment didn’t end at launch. We’ve taken the helm of Hawaiians.com’s digital journey, overseeing everything from plugin and theme updates to security measures. Plus, with our proactive approach to citations and backlink building, we ensure the website’s authority continues to soar.

Are you ready to grow & expand your local Hawaii business?

Taking the step to entrust your Hawaii business growth can be daunting. But as wisdom suggests, excel at what you do best and delegate the rest to trusted hands.


Don’t just take our word for it, listen to what our clients are saying.

“Before meeting Ali, we were just a small operation with a few scooters, relying on word of mouth and operating out of a storage unit. Ali stepped in with his SEO expertise, and within a half a year, we were topping the charts for every keyword that mattered to us. Fast forward a few years, and we’ve outpaced all of our competitors. Our growth has been nothing short of phenomenal. I genuinely believe that without Ali, we wouldn’t be anywhere near where we are today.”​

Brilliantly executed

Paul C.
Kona Scooters

“Honestly, I was pretty wary at the start but Ali’s SEO service literally saved my painting company. He was pleasant to deal with, held my hand throughout the process, and even offered me reassurance and emotional support. From tasking me on bolstering my reviews, to personally redesigning my website from top to bottom, his efforts had a massive impact on both the number of inquiries I receive, and the number of said inquires that turn into actual business. You changed my life.”

Simply amazing

Justin M.
Bratt Painting

“I inherited this business from a dear friend of mine. Early on, I saw Ali work his magic, getting it to that coveted number one spot. My friend’s phone was ringing off the hook, and emails just kept pouring in, all thanks to the website. When she passed the business to me, I stepped into a thriving venture, all because of that top search engine spot. I can’t claim to understand all the tech stuff, but I know this: without that ranking, I wouldn’t have the chance I’ve got now. A big thank you to Ali.”

Thank you

Big Island Cleaners Logo

Jeffrey K.
Big Island Cleaners


Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about web design & seo.

Hawaii Web Design Water-sports Web Design & Local Business SEO Example


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